Sunday, August 19, 2007

Top Students to Watch in 2007-08

These students are the power players of Middlebury College. While you are slaving away over that Calculus test, they are chatting with Ron Liebowitz about student workload. While you are trying to avoid a citation from Public Safety, they are getting Public Safety to fund the Yellow Bike program. While you are turning in for the night, they are just starting to respond to the hundred emails sitting in their inbox. Some of these students love the spotlight, others prefer to work in the background. Either way, they are the ones that make your life what it is at Midd:

  1. Patch Culbertson: As next year's MCAB president, he is leading the way in a year where social life may change dramatically. More funding and a unified forum for campus life means that Patch's decisions make a difference. Will you really be stuck drinking your life away in your dorm room this winter? Let's hope Patch can change that.
  2. Dave Dolginow: As the insider and expert for pretty much every Sunday Night Group (SNG) project, Dave is the perfect power player. Next year, he is working with Tim Spears on the Convocation Committee (big speakers, and such) as well as maintaining his position on the SGA Finance Committee. Dave has a gentle touch but lots of ambition when working with administrators and students alike. EDIT: Dave will actually be taking a semester off to work in Washington D.C.! See him in action in the spring!
  3. BK Park: Unofficially named the SGA Finance Committee's most frequently involved student leader last year, BK is everything to everyone. He has a firm grasp of the cultural student organizations on campus by heading up ISO and Korea Town last year. Even if he steps away from official positions, BK is known for his ability to work a deal. I just hope he gets his way in buying a Karoke machine for the school.
  4. Katie Flagg: As next year's The Campus editor in chief, she's got the title. The question is what she plans to do with the weekly newspaper. As students' single source for hard-copy news, The Campus has credibility in hand.
  5. Hiba Fakhoury: Single-handedly dealing with 400+ incoming first-years' questions on the Class of 2011 Facebook Group, Hiba is a legend in her own right. Last year, she won two CCAL leadership awards. Just wait and see what she does this year.
Honorable Mention:
Chester Harvey: As an SNG mastermind, Chester has just about everyone on his side. But can his popularity translate into action? Rumor has it that he may run for SGA president at the end of this year.

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