Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bookstore "Viral"

The Bookstore just went all Web 2.0 with a YouTube video of "how-to buy textbooks" or "tips to save money." This is a great tutorial for Freshmen but most upperclassmen know this stuff cold.

The issue with this video is that Bob Jansen (manager of the bookstore) is the "clueless student" who actually really knows more than the "bookstore employee," Willie Jansen. This video is slow and too long BUT the inadvertent jokes and the classic "long-hair bookstore guy" make it palatable (and occasionally funny).

Everyone should applaud the Bookstore for the attempt (and decent information) but pay a student to make the video next should be funnier and shorter!

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Hallie said...

it's pretty priceless how they almost-but-not-quite cut the "is that the new middlebury logo?" comment

on the books...