Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Odds and Ends

  • Hiba Fakhoury puts MiddBlog to shame in answer 2011 questions. Hiba was mentioned as one of our top five students to watch in 2007-2008. Ask Hiba! was written up by Cathy Resmer of Seven Days, VT.
  • More on rankings: Middlebury got drop-kicked in Atlantic Monthly's rankings, all the way down to number 32. Why? Their methodology measures "what the college does the for the country." Then again, is their rankings a better way of looking at colleges?
  • International Students and their PA's are on campus!
  • Freshman orientation starts on Wednesday, September 5th!
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Anonymous said...

Think you mean Washington for "is their rankings...." Is? Maybe the president was on to something when he asked: "Is our children learning?"

Hallie said...

nice to know i'm not the only grammar nazi out there ;)

Cathy Resmer said...

I should point out that I heard about Hiba first on MiddBlog. Thanks, Ryan! And I was sorry I couldn't include you in the story. Not enough space.

You made some good points, though, and I expect I'll do another story on campuses and social media later this year, based on some of the things we talked

on the books...