Thursday, August 23, 2007

Opportunity Knocks! Be a MiddBlog Editor

Dear Readers,

For those new to the blog, MiddBlog has three purposes: 1) promote social life on campus as a events promotion site, 2) provide editorial commentary on Middlebury College life, and 3) to provide a space for student opinion.

Started on October 14th 2006, MiddBlog originally was designed to have a whole team of contributors to be representative of the student population. But a slow start left just me blogging month after month. So, I am again taking this opportunity to appeal to the students of Middlebury College to pitch-in in a renewed effort.

Anyone and everyone is always welcome to contribute to MiddBlog, but I am particularly looking for an individual or tag-team that is willing to take on the project with great energy and vision next year. I have made a tough decision to set a deadline for my departure from blogging here at MiddBlog. I will leave September 16th, after the start of school. I am leaving to pursue other student activities and focus on my studies.

So for this blog to survive, I am asking that some students step up to take it over. It's a great opportunity to participate in the school community by keeping the pulse of the student body. MiddBlog is unique in its ability to follow stories in real time and it serves as a special alternative news source for the college community here and abroad. People with ideas for other directions for the blog, should also consider the opportunity.

Please contact me (middblog [at] gmail [dot] com) if this interests you even remotely and if you have questions about responsibilities. Thank you for reading and keeping MiddBlog alive!

Best wishes,

Ryan Kellett ('09.5)
Middlebury College

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