Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Gamut Opens

Gamut Room has announced its opening event, that MiddBlog first blogged a week or so ago. Otter Nonsense Improv Group will be performing. Buy a late night snack and enjoy the show!

Date: Wednesday, November 8th, 2006
Time: 10PM Opening (get there early), 11PM Otters Show
Venue: The Gamut Room (Gifford Basement)

UPDATE: Gamut was planning a "Love Your Body Fashion Show" for this Saturday but it has been unexpectedly cancelled. So get your Gamut lovin' in this Wednesday, instead. Don't worry, we'll see Gamut open a few times on the weekends this semester.

UPDATE 2: The Otter Nonsense show starts at 11PM (a little late?) with a 10PM opening to get your foodstuffs and a good seat.

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