Thursday, November 02, 2006

Gamut is Back in Business

Rumors are that the beloved Gamut Room will finally open its doors sometime next week after a seveal month run-in with financing troubles. Run by new management, the Gamut Room will feature the same atmosphere with a few new change-ups. First, the food will probably cost a bit more. Okay, we're not talking The Grille prices so a dollar here and a few cents there shouldn't dent your pocket book too much. That said, Gamut will likely have an improved menu tweaked to your liking. Also changing is the staff: all volunteers. An email was circulated asking for volunteers to work in the Gamut Room under the pretense that it would be a trial semester before becoming a possibly paying job in the future. Also the idea of Gamut staying open on weekends has been circulating. Stay tuned to see if you will now have an alternative for you drunken 1:55AM trips to the Grille. Gamut will be throwing an opening celebration with Otter Nonsense. So look out for that soon!

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