Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Rehnquist Professorship Protests This Friday

Just when you thought that the whole Rehnquist Professorship thing was fizziling out, as most things do when they come out in The Campus, it seems there has been a renewed push to force the issue into the consciousness of the student population.

A protest seems to be brewing for Friday at noon in front of the President's office.

In open letter to President Liebowitz, Louis Lobel ('08) and Alexandra Garcia ('08) write, "While we know that you [Liebowitz] will not retract the professorship because of the monetary backing, we are hoping that you will help us in creating a student sponsored professorship based on the values that we would want representing us and Middlebury College." The two juniors also go ahead and list off some of Rehnquists more controversial decisions on issues from segregation to gay rights. The one that gets students talking, though, is Rehnquist's decision to "uphold the death penalty including for minors and the mentally challenged." The scattering of signs (open letters) around campus read: "Where do you stand?"

Are you going to the protest? Where DO you stand? Speak up, Midd, 'cause this one ain't going away...

UPDATE: More open letter posters encouraging the Friday protest are up around campus.

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