Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fall Break

Students are pouring back into Midd after Fall Break. While I'm sure that everyone had fun partying in Montreal or in a backwoods cabin, Stuck in Middle went to Philidelphia. They sang for Baldwin all-girls school in the swanky suburbs of Phili where they were mobbed for merchandise and autographs after the concert. Ben Broad's ('09) rendition of Ben Harper's "Steal My Kisses" left high school girls swooning. Ben autographed one girl's forehead after the show. The girl exclaimed, "I'm never washing my forehead again!" Muchadei Zvoma ('07) signed a guy's arm at the Haverford School. The only issue was that the poor kid was convinced that Muchadei was indeed Anthony Cruz, a semi-underground rap artist.

The Bobolinks, on the other hand, hit up swanky Nantucket island -- any stories there?

How was your Fall Break? Hit the comments.

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