Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Calling All Dave Matthews' Fans

Middlebury College could win a free, live concert featuring Dave Matthews Band. How exciting.

If you have AT&T, submit an invitation to DMB by texting "DMB" to 9-5-9 from now until October 15. I hope AT&T users know what that means.

Don't have AT&T? All is not lost. You can submit invitations online at or by mail. Send essays ("I think DMB should play at Middlebury College because . . ."), photos, videos or sound clips. Each person can submit up to 50 invitations each day.

The person to submit the most creative invitation will win a flight for two and VIP tickets to the concert. The winning campus (the campus that sends in the most invitations relative to the number of students) will host the concert during the week of Nov. 12.

For more information on these and other programs, go to

If Springfield, VT can win a nationwide contest to become the hometown of the Simpsons, surely Middlebury can win this. Maybe. You better get crackin'; Middlebury is not even in the top 120.

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Pete '01 said...

What's interesting is that Dave Matthews has played at Middlebury before. He played with Tim Reynolds on February 16th, 1996. I wasn't there but the reports I heard was that Dave was really pissed at the behvaior of the crowd and said he would never come back to Middlebury.

Most Dave & Tim shows are concerts where people sit for the whole show and are respectfully quiet. They are acoustic shows that are not rock concerts. Somehow that word hadn't gotten to the Middlebury student body and much of the crowd was drunk and obnoxiously loud. From what I've heard, at one point during the show, Dave threatened to stop playing if people didn't sit down and listen to the music quietly.

Dave & Tim shows are certainly different than full Dave Matthews Band concerts and hopefully he came back he would feel like he was more respected, but I think unfortunately Midd may have had its chance with Dave and we blew it.

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