Monday, August 13, 2007

Top Ten KRAZYMidd Facts

Guest post by Lizzie Gordon '09, official tourguide for the admissions office this summer.

Top Ten KRAZYMidd Facts

10. The lowered area in the juice bar used to be the college swimming pool.
9. Mountain Club, founded in the 1930s, is one of the biggest clubs on campus (the other is ISO).
8. It costs $25 to heat a dorm room for a month.
7. Adirondak house and Pearsons Hall once made up the first women's college in the country.
6. This spring, our library system catalogued its millionth holding.
5. Tile in the bathrooms in Hillcrest is recovered marble previously used in other building projects.
4. Forest Hall is named for the acres of Green Mountain forest land sold to the National Park Service to fund the building of the dorm.
3. 74 English majors and 92 Economics majors graduated in the class of '07.
2. The catwalks in Seeler Studio Theater in the CFA are wider than normal catwalks, so that they can be used for teaching.
1. A group of student researchers taught an octopus how to open a jar this summer.

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