Saturday, August 11, 2007

EGF Done Deal

Middlebury College has keys in hand as it signed a rental agreement for the Eat-Good-Food (EGF) space for the upcoming semester. But the question remains: what will the college do with the space? Summer students again met with Dean of the College Tim Spears yesterday to get acquainted with the space and offer commentary as to what should happen in the space.

MiddBlog got a chance to check it out too. The space is actually quite large. While a dance studio might not work out, it certainly would provide quite a space for salsa classes, lindy hop meetings, mad hot ballroom followers to frolick. With a "booth" upstairs, the perfect DJ location has been found although a sound system is in order. The acoustics of the space aren't bad, certainly no worse than The Grille so acappella groups may have a shot of performing in the window area near the front. The space already has a built in bar with five draught taps. There is no reason not to be serving beverages in the space. Food may be tricky but do-able if the College invests in buying some of the cooking equipment currently installed. Dolci would be a hit but again the kitchen equipment is in order. Perhaps the most natural idea that comes from the atmosphere of the space is a jazz-club type setting. With wooden floors and that fantastic ceiling, it screams Billy Joel or maybe Michael Buble...

The results of the first-ever MiddBlog poll show that 34% of the 110 students polled wanted a performance space of some kind. But take a look at some of the photos and decide for yourself. Hit the comments!

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Anonymous said...

Great job with the photos, Ryan. You really captured the sense of the space. Alas, I did not meet with students after our tour; late Friday afternoon is a tough time to meet up. However, I did get emails from a couple of students interested in helping to develop the space. That's exactly the kind of energy we will need to make this venue a success. I encourage all students who have seen these pictures or read your coverage on this blog to post their ideas for how the space might be used. Or, they can send me email at I'd like hold a planning meeting as soon as the academic year begins, and it would be great to line up participants ahead of time. So, MiddBlog readers, let me know if you would like to get involved.

-Tim Spears

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