Monday, July 09, 2007

Middlebury has a new logo? New today, Middlebury's rather Canada-esque logo premiered (prematurely?) on the Middlebury website ( It is currently appearing on all Middlebury branded pages.

Thoughts on the new design? I like that Midd is mixing it up from the uber-serious round thing we had before, but seriously, it looks like we're a hockey team. Wait, we are a hockey team? We have a good hockey team (discounting last season)...

O Canada, my home and native land...

EDIT: More info rolling in... the Middlebury Logo has all kinds of versions. The Midd College Communications website writes this, "The leaf — a symbol of growth and renewal and shelter — relates to our roots in Vermont and our strength in environmental affairs. Additionally, the mark points outward toward the four points of the compass, symbolizing our aspirations to be the global liberal arts college for the 21st century."

What about that old round thing with books and latin? The usage website writes: "
The college seal, originally developed in 1938 and updated in 2007, should be reserved for official and/or presidential documents.

EDIT 2: Responses come in... Michael Luby '10 gives his perspective that "
I really did think this was a joke; how unfortunate that it is not." Others? Hit up the comments.

EDIT 3: A huge Facebook group has been started with the purpose of putting down the new logo. It currently has 167 members and counting.

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