Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Midd to Rent Downtown Locale?

We all waved goodbye to Eat Good Food in the spring. Overpriced food and parking availability seemed to be its downfall. But that left open an empty space right at the center of bustling (okay, not so bustling...more like quaint) downtown Middlebury.

Until now? Rumor has it that the Middlebury admin is looking to rent the space for student use. Huh? What? Excuse Me? Yes, you heard it first on MiddBlog. Just when you thought Xanadu was going to make waves next year with possible long-term investment in an on-campus club, along comes the Eat Good Food space in the middle of summer.

The question, though, is what would the admin do with such a social space? Are we talking off-campus Gamut Room or are we talking a real Angela's competitor? Or are we talking internet cafe? Off-campus Grille? Dance studio? Reading Room? Theater? Dolci goes 5-days a week as a real restaurant?

Okay, so MiddBlog lacks the hookup to find out more so, for now, discuss: what should Midd do with a downtown location at the-location-previously-known-as-Eat-Good-Food? Should Midd even have a place downtown?

Hit up the comments and stay tuned for more info...

EDIT: Confirmed. Tim Spears is holding a meeting with summer English-speaking undergrads on Friday to discuss possibilities for the space. Does this mean the admin has learned from the Midd-logo debacle and now wants student input? Maybe. But what's important is to continue to make the student voice heard. 

Got idea? or do the comment thang to discuss.

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r.kellett said...

First comments are rolling in:

Sarah Franco '08 writes: "I think it's great that the College is considering renting the former Eat Good Food space. Not only is the space beautiful and unique, but it also shows that the administration is listening to the collective cry from the student body that the social life on campus is going down hill.

I think that if this endeavor is to be successful, the College will have to come up with something that's truly unique and versatile. On one level, the space probably should not compete too heavily with businesses in town. I'd hate to see Carol's, which is already teetering on the brink of extinction, shut down because of this initiative."

Alex Benepe '09 writes: "I personally would love to see a hookah bar, complete with belly dancers (there a few students on campus who I'm sure would love to be paid for their talent) and a DJ. I'm not joking. Not only is it something that the town lacks, it also would be a good venue for people under 21 who want to go to an off-campus social space. However I can't really picture the college being hip enough to go for that... unless dean matt longman was heading up the project."

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