Saturday, July 28, 2007


Tim Spears and a handful of summer students finished up a preliminary meeting on Friday about the possibilities for a a new student social space located in downtown Middlebury (at the old Eat-Good-Food location). Overall the meeting was productive but it is still unclear as to what niche the space might fill. Take MiddBlog's entirely-unscientific pol/survey at the top of our home page:! Got idea: comments or

Here are some highlighted notes from the meeting (thanks to Karen White):

  • What should we do to accommodate the town if the College uses this space?
  • Could we use the space for local teens and high school students as well?
  • How could Middlebury students benefit from the space?
  • Is there a possibility of obtaining a liquor license? Yes, but it must be open to the public.
  • Could a site license be given? Yes
  • What would the capacity be? 100+ - not sure
  • Could there be dancing in the space? Yes
  • Students like the idea of having Dolci three or four nights a week and open to the town.
  • Students were wondering if they would be paid to work in the kitchen.
  • Possibly using the cooking program at the high school and bring in other outside groups.
  • Liked the idea of an ice cream shop – Gelato.
  • Possibly move WRMC to downtown
  • Focus on dancing with DJ’s – careful not to copy Angela’s
  • Consider having bands and DJ’s every weekend.
  • Students expressed concern about close competition with Mr. Ups and Angela’s - take a closer look at what is needed and what we currently don’t have.
  • Students liked the idea of being off-campus – new space interaction with local town peoples a plus.
  • Liked the idea of a non-institutional feel - more options for students
  • Students wondered if it would be open during the day. Students liked the idea of high school students using the space – keen interest in mingling with town people.
  • Possibly have Open Mics
  • Acappella concerts
  • Looking for a versatile space to switch from dances to culinary etc.
  • Community Center
  • Daytime workshops
  • Suggested a wine bar with meats and cheeses
  • Expressed concern that the cost should be kept down to so it is available to all
  • Partnership with town is very important
  • Coordinate Midd Ride transportation to the location
  • Have non-alcoholic drinks available—critical to have a space where the over-21s and under-21s can socialize
  • Should students run or program the space? Several students voiced concern that it would be hard to coordinate with the town.
  • The Grille, the Gamut room and this new space should fill specific niches, like dishes on an a la carte menu, and not be overlapping with each other and taking away each other’s frequenters.

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