Friday, March 30, 2007

Midd 2011 Get Accepted

Today's the big day for all Middlebury applicants around the world. It's stressin' me out, and I already at Middlebury. Middlebury posted acceptances online this morning at 8AM with snail mail acceptances to follow.

Good luck to all who are making their decisions!

EDIT: You can experience the joys of your acceptance letter to Middlebury all over again by hitting up the Welcome website. You'll find out that there potential class of 2011 has: 5 sets of twins, 124 Californians, 7 Alaskans, no people from North Dakota, 10 Oboe Players, and 151 Editors-in-Chief. Go ahead and do some live chatting with prospies or hit up the discussion forum.

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