Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bookstore Back in Business

It's not often that the students get to applaud an admin move. Today, I can safely say that the Bookstore and Bob Jansen (the new manager) get mad props for the new textbook buying changes. Let's review the significant steps to improve textbook buying this semester:

  1. An efficient line. The folks at Disney invented the science of lines. The most efficient line is a what's called a single bank teller line where everyone snakes around in switchbacks. This is the new line setup in place this morning. This keeps people out of the cold and makes for efficient exits as well.
  2. Signage. The bookstore has signs of the floor, on the doors, and on the line pilars. Everything is well marked and some signs even had a sense of humor.
  3. Feedback. Bob Jansen himself was handing out surveys with two questions: a) would you support a 25% increase in used textbooks so textbooks cost less and b) would you support a year-round textbook buyback program. This is a good move. Nothing like getting a little info from the students while they toil away in line.
  4. Help on Hand. The bookstore has always had the charming Vermonters working to help you find the correct books for your class but this time, there are more of them and they are helpful. There are two cashiers per counter, one scanning, one credit-carding.
  5. A Free Marker. This is just a good P.R. move. We students love a free marker for our whiteboards -- we don't feel so stressed and unhappy.
So, now that the bookstore has stepped up to the challenge, does that mean students don't deserve textbooks lists online? No. That's the next step.


Anonymous said...

Don't use the marker on your white-board! I don't know what kind you got, but mine is permanent. :)

But yes, props to the bookstore!

r.kellett said...

Mine is also permanent...ouch.

Take a lollypop instead...

on the books...