Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bookstore Blues

For those of you who will be back on campus the morning of Sunday, February 11th, the College Bookstore will open at 9AM for spring semester textbooks. No doubt the line will start forming sometime around 8AM, although it won't be nearly as bad as the queue for the Fall semester.

It still irks me that the bookstore does not publish lists of the required books online. While I am told that the prices have come down due to SGA legislation a few years ago, I refuse to believe that the College Store should have the default monopoly on textbooks. Those who want the convenience and/or used books will go to the bookstore regardless. Others, especially those who cannot afford expensive textbooks, should not have to waste time by going into the bookstore, looking up their classes and textbooks, search and purchase online, and then wait two weeks to receive the books.

If students received two weeks notice on the list of books they needed, they could order online in time for the start of classes.

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Hallie said...

so what would middblog do with said referral fee? buy a domain name? what exactly does a blog require?

r.kellett said...

A very astute comment by Hallie -- Wesleying at Wesleyan University started a drive to get a domain name. I hesitate to start a drive simply because we don't have the student demand for it yet.

My plan long-term is to move the site off blogger into multi-user Wordpress with a domain name. The funds from referrals would go to a designer for the site and for a domain name. In the short-term, it also serves as a small change personal incentive for me to keep things updated, as the only person working on this.

on the books...