Sunday, December 03, 2006

Battell Lumberjacks Take World Cup

The second annual Middlebury College Qudditch World Cup took place this afternoon. The Battell Lumberjacks, dressed in mostly plaid, took the championship in a shutout against the reigning champion Falcons, dressed in matching black and white.

With much fanfare and adoration, Rainey the snitch wowed the audience the fantastic feats of escape throughout the game. Evasion tactics included cartwheels, running through the audience, slides, and spins. The real crowd pleaser was the physicalness of the rest of the game. Major tackles, slides, and balls to the face had the audience oo-ing and aah-ing repeatedly. With all the mud, the game looked more like a rugby match than anything else.

The first person to catch the snitch was none other than Christopher Lam ('10) who was promptly interviewed after by Wall Street Journal reporter John Hechinger.

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