Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Survival Tips

Here are some collective tips to get you through the rest of the semester!

  • Really, you have been meaning to do something about that nasty nalgene bottle that is definitely molding even though you clean it like every week. The answer? Freeze it!
  • I know you need some study music. Get in on some classical music on public domain (free tunes) 'cause Our Tunes don't got no classical.
  • You finished your paper. Now, time to go back and put in the footnotes, right? That's going to take an hour minimum but not if you have, which creates APA, and MLA style citations by ISBN number (that barcode on the back of your books).
  • If you find your roomate whining, send him this link: The Top Ten No Sympathy Lines.
  • Midd should not be taking you to the bank, especially with all of our "free" food: 27 Money Tips for College Students.
  • Seniors and anyone applying for summer jobs! 50 Common Interview Questions and Answers.
See, small or big, it's good to make a few tweaks to your life!

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