Monday, November 06, 2006

Election Day Parties

The countdown is on. Election Day is just hours away. The political pundits online and off are gearing up for mass media coverage as results pour in. Excited yet? Go to a Election Day Party:

  • CNN will be on as the gruesome twosome, Professors Bert Johnson and Matt Dickinson, lay out their commentary on the night's events. Free pizza stix and more! Juice Bar. 8PM-12AM
  • Victory Night 2006: several parties will be taking place on all ends of campus (consult your closest friend for more information) starting at 7 and ending around midnight. My favorite party tagline reads: "Usher in a new era of moral, upstanding politics by drinking and gambling."
I didn't mention any locations, so unless you go to Juice Bar, be sure you end up at your respective political party's gathering 'cause there's nothing like being that one dude cheering when everyone else in the room is pissed that they lost another seat in the House.

Oh, and be sure to vote, if you can.

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