Monday, November 13, 2006

An Early Weekend Events Update

Lots of events this weekend as most orgs try to squeeze things in before Thanksgiving Break. This is a notice: get your tickets now for these events. If not, they are going to sell out.

Urinetown, the musical by MCMP
This musical is a fun one because it's all about a bodily excrement! Surprisingly catchy songs. Space is severly limited as this one is in the Hepburn Zoo. There is a waiting list and chances are you can get in if you show up at the door but, really, do you want to crowd onto the floor of the Zoo for a 2+ hour show?

Date: Thursday thru Saturday, November 16-18, 2006
Time: 8PM with a 11PM show on Friday night
Venue: The Hepburn Zoo

This Theater Dept. production has a lot of folks involved and is directed by none other than our favorite theater professor and Sex and the City actor Alex Draper. Lots of room left for this one but find out which night you're going on.

Date: Thursday thru Saturday, November 16-18, 2006
Time: 8PM
Venue: Wright Theater

ISO Show
This annual show is a must-see, complete with a fashion show and crazy dance performances. It's known for being one of the best events of the year. And ISO clearly knows it and has priced tickets at $5. If you don't buy your tickets now, you'll be in for a jolt when you show up at the door where you'll pay a whopping $8, a piece.

Date: Friday, November 17th, 2006
Time: 8PM show with a 5:30PM "showcase concert" (read: we're paying the same so we're hoping the 5:30 isn't just an extra rehearsal for the 8PM)
Venue: McCullough Social Space

Pei Yao Wang and Friends
We don't want to slight this Taiwanese prodigy who started playing piano at the age of five but she too deserves a little love on a Friday night, if you're not in the mood for ISO. She is bringing a few friends and rockin' Mozart to Shostakovich (who btw, wrote a lot of his music from prison)

Date: Friday, November 17th, 2006
Time: 8PM
Venue: CFA Concert Hall

We at MiddBlog don't want to exclude the sports folks! Don't forget to schedule in time for the 1st Hockey Game of the year (yes, get ready for an amazing experience...) on Friday vs. Tufts (7-9PM) and another the following day vs. Connecticut College (4-6PM)

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