Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Counting Down

Who's ready for the Justice himself today? Just about everything and everyone on campus will stop for CJJR at around 7PM as we line up and get security checked for an hour plus to get into Mead. Space will be tight, security heavy. So be prepared for sights unseen before in the tiny town of Middlebury. Just remember, 7-7:30 entrance for you students (w/ Midd ID); past that, you're screwed. After that, good luck because the entire Addison county will be at our doorstep. This could be a big mess or a really good time. I hope someone grills the Justice with a scathing question during Q&A (if they even still are doing a Q&A), not because I don't like him, because I like to see how important/famous people answer those kinds of questions.

Update: Emails are floating around about Sunday Night Group protests of the Chief Justice. Officially they are protesting the possible overturn of Roe v. Wade but alas they could be protesting any number of things. Stay tuned for what goes down this evening.

Update2: Secret service are everywhere but mainly in front of Old Chapel...even mingling with our local enforcers, mainly Officer Chris. (3PM)

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