Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stephen Colbert Running for President!

I am not joking. He sounds pretty serious, guys.

On Tuesday, Colbert, announced on his television show, "I shall seek the office of the president of the United States." He added, "After nearly 15 minutes of soul-searching, I have heard the call."

Colbert's main strategy in the race is to run in South Carolina-- only. He will run as a Democrat and a Republican. He has not selected a running mate yet, but has suggested Huckabee, Putin, or Colbert as potential candidates.

On Sunday, in the New York Times, Colbert wrote, "I am not ready to announce yet-- even though it's clear that the voters are desperate for a white, male, middle-aged, Jesus-trumpeting alternative."

And how!

MiddBlog wants to know: Will you vote for Colbert? How does he compare to other candidates on the issues? Hit the comments.

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