Sunday, October 28, 2007

Reason No. 639 to Procrastinate

Overheard at Middlebury, an amazing, amazing Facebook group. Basically, if you hear something at Middlebury that is just so outrageous and you need to share it with everyone, you post it to this group.


Girl introduces her physics prof to a group of her friends at a senior champagne brunch
Girl: "Oh, I should introduce you...these are my roommates..."
Prof: "Okay, so these are the ones who are gorgeous, and afraid of committment?"
(Astounded laughter)

Girl in a short frilly skirt and uggs:
"Vegan beans? That could be cute for me."

And my personal favorite:

At Midd 8 T-Shirt making booth in Spring 2006:

Middlebury Student: So, are these T-shirts free-trade?

Midd-Kid: Well, I talked to the company and they promised me that they didn't use child labor!

Middlebury Student: Yes, but isn't that what Levis and Guess and all those companies said back in the 90's?

Midd Kid: Yeah, but they promised!

Middlebury Student: Allright, so, how much did these cost?

Midd Kid: Uh...about thirty cents each.

Middlebury Student: And where were they made?

Midd Kid: (checks label) ...Myanmar. Look, do you want a shirt or not?

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