Monday, October 22, 2007

Put that Emergency Evacuation Plan to Good Use!

Phew. Good thing I filled out that Emergency Evacuation Plan form last week. Otherwise, I would not have thought to come home since a good portion of the campus has been evacuated. For those of you who put Ross Dining Hall as your Plan A location, congratulations.

Mr. MiddBlog is on the beat downtown. He reports that there are lots of police officers, reporters, and Haz Mat crews standing around. One little old lady was asked to get the H-E-double-hockey-sticks out of the street. Others have been threatened with arrest for going down Main St. Kids: Don't mess with Middlbury P.D.

I can report that it took me over an hour to drive through town. Well, around town is more like it. Good to know: Buttolph Acres to Route 7 South is no longer an option for getting home. Now, you have to head for Foote St. to Lower Foote.

Oh, by the way: several cars of a train derailed by Water St. Some cars were carrying road salt ('tis that time of year) and others were carrying gasoline, which is now leaking into Otter Creek. Mother Nature: 0, Man: 1.

Update 10/23: Middlebury is basically back to normal, with the exception of one block of streets. The gasoline spill is not as bad as originally feared in terms of the health of Otter Creek. But in light of Middlebury's disaster, let's not forget our friends in Southern California.


r.kellett said...

I just got back from Burlington. You have to take Route 17 to Route 23 which puts you on Weybridge street right back into the college. Reverse going out works too.

Also, just talked to Public Safety and they are swamped. An extra officer will be on hand but only two in the office handling phones. Students trying to get back tonight may have a hard time.

As overheard from a group of students who just got in to the college tonight: some state police are asking students to find a place tonight instead of continuing driving up to Middlebury. But, you can always say it is an "emergency" and they will usually direct you to the detour. Coming from the south, if you're a long way a way, try coming up through New York and using 125 to get to campus. Questions? Only one place to call: 802-443-5911.

Also just overheard someone on campus asking to get some schoolwork from an evacuated area...public safety's answer: a psafe officer can accompany you for 5 minutes to get into a building a get out before the fumes get you...

Anonymous said...

Is there any confirmation as of yet about whether there were/are actually any toxic fumes? From being downtown earlier, it didn't look or smell like it.

r.kellett said...

Checking the Middlebury homepage, I see nothing. Zero mention despite Public safety recommending that students check the website before returning to school from fall break. According to The Campus, Public Affairs is in charge but nothing super visible for students.

WCAX's story.

Tim Spears said...

The Town of Middlebury has posted an update on the accident/clean-up on its website, and Town officials don't expect people to able to move back to the evacuated area until noon tomorrow (and that's a best case scenario).

Here is the link:

We are obviously tracking the clean-up quite closely, and will be communicating with students and the rest of the community as we receive updated information. In fact, I expect President Liebowitz will be sending an update fairly soon.

-Tim Spears

Anonymous said...

Well, good to see that the college is on top of this now with a website update and contact info for students wanting to get back.

Also, Middblog, I love you. But really, do you have to poke sarcastic fun at a major train derailment which has really affected the college and the town? I think this is a good story in which to stick to the straight news, ok?

Sarah Franco said...

*Disclaimer*: MiddBlog is not a professional news source. If you don't like tongue-in-cheek dining hall chatter, then don't read the blog.

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