Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Be a MiddBlog Writer!

I give you the awesomeness that is Wesleying, Wesleyan's version of MiddBlog. (Or, is MiddBlog Middlebury's version of Wesleying?) See how awesome it is? Wesleying is basically handing MiddBlog its rear-end.

How can MiddBlog achieve such heights? By having more writers. Easy.

MiddBlog is looking for good writers, funny writers, irreverent writers, serious writers, sexy writers, creative writers, controversial writers, liberal writers, conservative writers, cool writers, writing writers, in-the-know writers. All sorts of writers!

If this sounds like you, just e-mail middblog [at] gmail [dot] com or approach MiddBlog on the street. We'll chat.


Anonymous said...

Their blog is neat and clean. Yours is blue and fuzzy. White backgrounds are easier on the eyes, and just look better. That will go miles in making MiddBlog better.

Hallie said...

but middblog's writing is much more polished. go middblog.

on the books...