Friday, September 28, 2007

Starbucks is Coming to Town

Say it ain't so.

The Addison Independent reports that Myron Hunt (who, I might add, is a Middlebury alumnus, according to Michele Fay of Ripton) has proposed to build a Starbucks next to McDonald's on Route Seven, where the dilapidated car wash is now. You can read about it here:

Not a big fan of the run-down carwash, but I'm also not a fan of cookie-cutter, multi-million dollar conglomerates who suck the heart and soul out of the local economy.

Who do I love? I love Carol's Hungry Mind. Show your love to Carol's this weekend-- and everyday hereafter-- by buying their coffee beverages and yummy snacks and telling them that you won't stand for this Starbucks ridiculousness.

MiddBlog: Who do you love more? Carol's or Starbucks?


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Anonymous said...

Definitely looking forward to Starbucks. Better selections, same prices.

anonymous said...

Do away with Starbucks. There are plenty of local options for coffee drinkers.

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