Monday, September 10, 2007

The Admin Blogs at Last

One of MiddBlog's first big posts was on the Justice Roberts visit to Middlebury College last year and it was the first time I realized that the admin was paying attention. Both Tim Spears and President Liebowitz commented on my post. Fast forward: this past week, I worked with both The Ronald and Tim Spears to establish blogs of their own.

Yes, that's right folks, the admin is blogging, for better or worse. And I think it could be for the better. Tim's blog, One Dean's View, almost has a name out of a daytime soap but is really focused on students. Working with him to start the blog, we talked candidly about his goals for it and he genuinely wants to open the dialogue. Much of this summer's logo debacle has guided Tim in really making efforts to work with students on big things including the new Eat Good Food space downtown. His blog will focus on student everyday life and try to open discussions on a variety of things. I discussed with Tim the need to be very frank and candid on his blog. One thing our generation can't stand is bullshit (wow, is that the first swear word on MiddBlog ever?) and I think he gets that. I hope to see some opinionated and more emotional posts from Tim as year goes on.

President Liebowitz is working a different crowd of alumni, donors, and parents but he too seems to intellectually understand the idea of being candid with the students. His blog isn't up yet but will follow shortly, perhaps this afternoon. While it's common to hear from students that Liebowitz's writing is too dry and unapproachable, I think it's telling that he is even willing to start a blog. And it is a start. The more comments and feedback given on his posts will encourage him to open up further and be real with students while maintaining his standing with alumni, donors, and parents.

There is no guarantee that these blogs will get popular or even be effective in opening up discussion with students. There may come a day that they stop blogging because it's not working out. BUT, the important part for now is that the admin is trying and MiddBlog appreciates that...

EDIT: Ron has his blog up. It's called: "Ron on Middlebury." Go check it out!

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