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Freshie FAQ

This FAQ will grow over time as more questions are submitted to MiddBlog: middblog@gmail.com / fb: Midd Blog / comments.

"so what's the deal with freshman housing at midd? what is a "typical" dorm like? are we more likely to be in singles, or suites, doubles, etc?"

Freshmen do have the bottom of the pile but fear not because it's really not that bad. For instance, Wonnacott and Cook commons share Battell Hall which is probably the worst it gets on campus. All mixed-floor doubles in Battell with one triple and one floor (called the Nunnery) of all girls. The benefit of Battell is that it is all freshmen and people keep their doors open all the time. Very beneficial for making friends. Next up on the ladder is probably Stewart which again is all doubles for Brainerd Commons but single-sex floors here due to limited bathrooms. Stewart doubles are actually quite big. Atwater kids are placed in Allen which is mostly single sex by floor minus the wing which is co-ed. These rooms are newer but it is debatable just how much room there actually is here. Still, Allen makes for good living right next to Atwater Dining Hall. A few Atwater freshman are placed in Coffrin Hall along with other students. Ross kids are placed in Milliken which has mostly singles but I believe also has suites available.

In each room, you will get: a whiteboard for your door (do not buy one), a mirror, a chair, a desk, a bookshelf (small or big, it's random), a bed, a phone, a closet, window shade, internet jack, and some sort of bureau to store your clothes. All freshmen rooms have overhead lights as well but you'll likely want a desk lamp. Although Midd is planning to have wireless internet in all dorms next year, do not count on it. Yes, there is heat for those cold, cold nights.

Overall, you're most likely to be in a double for your first year but it really is nothing to worry about. Roommates usually work out just fine too.

"what is the bathroom status for students in battell?"

The bathroom status is such that most students will have a single-sex bathroom on their hallway (two: one big, one small per hallway). Usually the big Battell bathrooms have two showers, four to five sinks, and four to five stalls. Battell Center hallways are a little tricky because they only have one bathroom. So Battell Center often takes a vote at the beginning of the year: do they want a co-ed bathroom? In most cases, Battell Center does vote for co-ed bathrooms. It's awkward for a bit but most people get over it quickly. Boys, you may want to check out: 10 Easy Ways to Hit on Girls in Co-ed Bathrooms, written by a student at Vassar.

"How good is the food at Midd? Are there a lot of options or does it end up being the same sort of deal every week?"

Most students find Midd food to be quite palatable (read: it's relatively good compared to about every other college in the country). However, you ask the right question: it does get boring eating pretty much the same thing week after week. It's good but boring. Just make sure you mix it up by eating in different dining halls often and checking the menus like any good Middkid does. Proctor = Panini, Atwater = Freshest, Ross = Cravings. Take your pick. Oh, and definitely do a Dolci dinner every once and awhile!

"Hi, could you please explain the social houses, what they are? how they work?"

There are four social houses with residences for the 2007-2008 school year: Omega Alpha (Tavern), KDR, Xenia (sub-free), and The Mill. Most social houses are the left-overs from the old Frat days. Social houses often host parties on the weekends but have run into trouble in recent years because of the necessity to register parties and guests. Yes, these parties serve alcohol. Yes, there is some good ol' fashion "college" partying. But not every party is like that. Going to parties at social houses is not as big a deal as some make it out to be. Social houses also serve as social groups. Each house has a particular flavor of individuals. I'm not going to stereotype them here. Rush is at the beginning of each semester (most social houses) and involves no alcohol as a policy mandated by the school. Instead, you get to do lots of crazy things for Rush and if you happen upon alcohol, then that's your own business. You must be a sophomore to apply to rush a social house. ADP is a social house that was suspended last year and is attempting a come back this upcoming year. They will apply for a residential house shortly. Overall, social houses provide a portion of the student body an outlet for social interaction. If it floats your boat, great! If it doesn't, there is life outside that system.

"so how's the dating scene at midd? do you see more random hookups or dating and relationships?"

Middlebury has no dating scene, really. It's a hookup haven mostly. That said, I find that there are many many couples. Rumor has it that anywhere between 20-60% of graduates end up marrying another Middlebury student. That may or may not be the case, but you shouldn't worry about that. If you're into dating, then ask a someone out, because it's that much more extraordinary when someone actually wants to go on a date. People get really excited if someone is going on a real, genuine date!

"Does Middlebury have announcers for their sports events (football, soccer, etc.)?"

Alas, this depends on the sport. Hockey is the largest/most famous Middlebury sport and has announcers that call the goals. If you're talking about radio, that's a little different. Every once and awhile WRMC 91.1 will broadcast a big game live and in the case there are student radio announcers. Midd and WRMC are looking to up the number of live broadcasts of games in the upcoming year. It not only encourages Midd alumni to watch/listen online but it also is fun for students who don't go to the game itself. I will have to look further into this one...update will follow shortly.

"I was wondering how hard it is to join the quidditch teams at Midd? Are they really competitive or are there a lot of teams to join? Or can you just create your own?"

It is easy as pie to join a Quidditch team at Midd! Anyone can join. It's going official as an intramural sport next year. The leader is Alex Benepe '09 who serves has captain. Generally, you form your own team (or try to find a team to join by asking around = not that hard) and teams practice regularly before meeting at big competitions that happen periodically. Some teams go hardcore with uniforms (I've seen embroidered capes). Generally, the sport is suspended for winter but the Qudditch World Cup happens in the spring! Next year, it should get even bigger, so get some 2011ers together now!

"All I ask in college is to have time to cross-country ski/play badminton/enjoy life on a regular basis. Is that going to be impossible with all the academic business?"

Not going to lie. Midd can be very hard academically. You may find yourself hard pressed to get in as much skiing as you hope to. A lot of it has to do with the classes you choose and how much care about the "academic business." If you schedule yourself well, you will have time to do what you please (Midd is well known for a physically active student body). Just remember, take classes you want to take and pursue extracurriculars you want to pursue. Lots of badminton and cross-country skiing to be had if you work at it and make that a priority.

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How good is the food at Midd? Are there a lot of options or does it end up being the same sort of deal every week?

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what is the bathroom status for students in battell?

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ross freshmen are in hadley (and some in kelly)... not milliken

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