Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The SGA Jumble

I'm not sure whether to be alarmed or pleased that the race for SGA President next year is going uncontested to Max Nardini -- who just this past semester joined the SGA as the Wonnacott Commons Senator (after a year at Sophomore Senator position the year before). I'm most concerned that no one but Max cared enough about the SGA to run for President. At least last year, we had a young upstart with a catchy name, Alina Levina. So hats off to you, Nardini!

Here's the rundown of special campaign topics:

While I certainly have things to say on the conflict in Sudan, perhaps Nardini's claim that "the Middlebury community...[is] in a strong position to assist in education and fundraising efforts to halt these vile acts" is pushing the envelope for a student government officer. An anonymous comment on the SGA Blog responds, "Shouldn't social policy and foreign policy be a little bit separate from the changes we hope to see on campus next year? Give me a break."

"Improving social life on campus" are muttered by every student on campus. Now, being a founding member in Xanadu is grand and all, but it's going to take a lot more than a nightclub to boost social life...

"make our campus carbon neutral" -- are you trying to get the SNG vote? nah...

Eliminating transfat from dining halls is a fun plan. Oh wait, the dining halls already started making the dining hall foods healthier...and The Grille has had a substantial spike in profits recently. Hmm...maybe students don't want healthier food?

I do give Nardini credit for his number one item: creating informed debate on campus. Then again not too many people can argue against stimulating greater debate. The real question is if all these busy students would even have time in between writing that history paper (without wikipedia) and going to Rites of Spring to even engage their roommate not to mention the wider college community... how's that for a campaign item: why is Middlebury so academically intensive that no one has time to engage each other?

Nardini's SGA President Statement
Nardini's Wonnacott Senator Statement
Nardini's Middlebury Campus Op-ed


Now finally -- a contest for SCCOCC!

Dean Atyia should probably start reading The Campus because unfortunately his goal of a "concert committee" has been stolen by CCAL Director Doug Adams! MCAB restructuring for next year already puts into place everything he wants: "MCAB, WRMC, others, and Money!" He "can't guarentee anything" but at least we'll have a suggestion box website (and MiddBlog loves websites!).

Atyia's Statement

Eric Hoest made his statement just vague enough for anyone to vote for him. He writes, "I will facilitate open discussion between all members of Community Council to ensure that our recommendations truly reflect the best interest of everyone." Well, last time I checked, the reason there is a student on the SCCOCC is so that the student voice can be heard in a larger context of faculty, staff, and admin. Perhaps not the best place to be trying to appeal to a wider audience?

Hoest's Statment

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Anonymous said...

Before you empower yourself as an authority on all things Middlebury, you might want to take the time to learn a little more about how the College works.

Here's a couple of examples:

The "SCCOCC" is a position, not the name of a committee, as your post states.

There are eight students on Community Council, not just the Student Co-Chair. In fact, students outnumber staff and faculty combined.

on the books...