Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Return of Weekend Update!

Thursday, April 19th

Senior directing work of the stunningly talented Myra Palmero (she's a Filipino from Saudi Arabia, how cool is that?). This play with an odd title should rock your socks in a new way from the 700 presented last week by Laura Harris and Lauren Kiel.
Venue: Hepburn Zoo
Time: 8PM

Gamut: Lowell Thompson
Venue: Gamut
Time: 9PM

MCAB Pub Night: The District
Off-campus band
Venue: The Grille
Time: 9:30PM

Friday, April 20th
Yes, it's 4/20.

Relay for Life
Everyone and their mom will be there.
Venue: Kenyon and South Field
Time: 3PM onward!

MCAB FFF: The Departed
How gruesome is that? Watch for the twist...
Venue: Dana Auditorium
Time: 7PM, 10PM

On Tap Show
Venue: McCullough Social Space
Time: 8PM

Deconstructionist Formal
Venue: CFA Lower Lobby
Time: 8PM-1AM

Saturday, April 21st

Hirschfield Film: Darwin's Nightmare
Venue: Dana Auditorium
Time: 3PM, 8PM

AAA Fashion Show
Watch as a lucky few strut their stuff... some risque business too.
Venue: McCullough Social Space
Time: 8PM

Montana Club Party
Dawn's Basement is playing! Go!
Venue: Pearson's Lounge
Time: 9PM-1AM

AAA After Party
Venue: Coltrane Lounge
Time: 10PM-2AM

KDR/Tavern at Xanadu
Gremlin's Kremlin playing. DJ too. Two free beers for 21+.
Venue: Xanadu
Time: 10PM-2AM

MCAB Comedy Show: Steve Hofstetter
Venue: McCullough Social Space
Time: 11PM

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yay weekend update! we were lost without you.

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