Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Campus Briefs

Notes from The Campus:

  • John McCardell's Choose Responsibility website went live and features those admissions-esque type images of college students raising their hands and smiling. That aside, the website is professional and informative about making the drinking age 18. McCardell brings in more publicity for Middlebury on this than the wikipedia-debacle.
  • The second or third Master Plan session in Dana the other day again told us things that students already know: Battell beach and McCullough field are the most used and have bad drainage. So, the master plan now calls for "...changing some 12 acres of lawn, mostly around McCardell Bicentennial Hall and Old Chapel Road, into wetlands and rain gardens, which are more suited to their location." Wetlands and rain gardens sound awesome...unless you need to cut through those areas to get to class. We'd be the first college in the country to get a wildlife preserve on campus...
  • Oh yea, and the tuition went up again. Just so you know, it'll be $46,910 nex year with a $360 Student Activities Fee.

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