Thursday, March 08, 2007

Making Maps Fun!

I don't care who you are, there is a little nerd inside every MiddKid. So here is something all of us can treasure:

Social Explorer is an easy-to-use tool that maps United States demographics with census data and more.

Ladies, want to know where all the men are? Check out Lassen, California, which as of 2000 was over 75 percent male. (The bad news? 70 percent of them are married.) Wonder which state has the highest proportion of people with Luxembourgian ancestry (Wisconsin) or of lesbians (New Mexico), or what area has the highest median income (Morris County, New Jersey)? It’s all there — you can even zoom down to your very own street to determine its racial makeup, income, education, and percentage of foreign-born residents.
[via VSL]

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Jon said...

I love VSL because:

a) Venn diagrams
b) connection to New York magazine
c) cultural elitism!

on the books...