Saturday, February 03, 2007

Feb-ulous Febs '06.5 / '10.5

Congratulations to the Feb class of '06.5! They graduated this morning at Mead Chapel and are scheduled for ski down at the snow bowl this afternoon. This caps off a half week of fun activities for the graduates. We love you Febs!

Speaking of Febs, the new Febs '10.5 are arriving on Wednesday to be greeted by a host of Feb leaders who are eager to give a slick orientation. There is a lot planned for the newbies including old favorites such as the first Snow Bowl Day with torch lighting. But missing from the schedule, to the disappointment of sketch seniors everywhere, is the mid-year first-chance dance for Febs. The acappella jamboree will close out the weekend on next Sunday at 7PM. If you're on campus on Sunday morning, feel free to meet a Feb at Feb-Reg breakfast...

In other news...the broomball rink is open outside McCullough. Skaters are using it night and day. Lights, benches, and trashcans have been set up. Setup a game of broomball or just break out your skates for a little practice on the old fashioned rink.

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