Sunday, February 25, 2007

Admissions Interactive

Middlebury admissions went all fancy pants on us by installing a new interactive feature for prospective students. The concept: taking a virtual tour of the campus. Essentially you stop at various points on campus: McCullough, CFA, Athletics Complex, etc. You have the option on hearing a more personal point of view at each stop in addition to the general info about a location or a program.

I'm happy with the new feature. It's long overdue. My high school had a even more sophisticated, though admittedly not as design friendly, version to "walk the halls" several years ago. Now, Middlebury has the opportunity to build a rich virtual tour of its own. I've been assured the virtual tour will grow with more pictures, videos, and descriptions over time. That's good because right now, the features just skim the surface. I guess one thing that bothers me still is that all of it is still quite produced, refined to the detail to present Middlebury in this rural but sophisticated light. Perhaps we need some real, uncensored student opinions (maybe quotes?) about the locations and programs.

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