Saturday, January 20, 2007

Weekend Update: Sat Jan 20

Hirschfield Films: Howl's Moving Castle
If you've been in the animation/cartoon/comic book j-term class, you know how good some of the more unknown animated works are. This 2004 movie is one of them originally in Japanese and dubbed over with English by biggies such as Jean Simmons.

Time: 3PM and 8PM showings
Venue: Dana Auditorium

Men's Ice Hockey vs. St. Anslem
Yesterday's loss in the last few seconds of the game was heartbreaking. One adoring fan said, "I feel like my dad died." Come see the hockey team make up for it today.

Time: 4PM
Venue: Kenyon Arena

Guitar Hero Tournament
(not) enough said?

Time: 7PM
Venue: Bowker House

Stuck in the Middle: SIM Keeps You Warm
If you haven't yet experienced a big SIM acappella concert, this is your first chance of the year. With a winter/fireplace theme, SIM will be crooning pop hits and rock favorites with their classic friendly style and crazy antics. This isn't your ordinary acappella concert, it's a SIM concert.

Time: 7:30PM
Venue: Mead Chapel ($1)

Jaime Masefield and the Jazz Mandolin Project
This should be a fun time with a multimedia performance of video footage set to music set to Leo Tolstoy's famous short story: "How Much Land Does a Man Need?" Talented musician plus a well thought out performance equals a must-see event

Time: 8PM
Venue: CFA Concert Hall

IVCF: Juarez Jam Variety Show
After realizing the conflict with the SIM show (above), the IVCF pushed back this show a half hour so people would be more likely to go to both. Realistically, how long do you want to sit and listen to a concert? That said, the Juarez Jam is a short and to the point show unlike the never-ending variety show last night. It also is a good cause: missionary work in Juarez over Feb break!

Time: 8:30PM
Venue: McCullough ($2)

The Supermarket
Finally playing their own show, The Supermarket is very up-and-coming with all-star keyboard/vocalist Mike West ('09.5). Go rock out to this stellar campus band.

Time: 9PM
Venue: The Chateau Grand Salon

Cook Commons Prom
This is a big Cook Commons event (okay not quite the "baby-making foam party" which, btw, is happening again this May). If you feel like your high school prom didn't do you justice, this is time to make it up. Formal attire not required but it would be a nice touch. Bring a date? Haha, yeah right.

Time: 9PM-1AM
Venue: Forest East Lounge

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