Friday, January 12, 2007

Weekend Update: Friday Jan 12

Meridian Arts Ensemble
Time: 12PM
Venue: CFA Concert Hall

MCAB FFF: The Graduate

Not quite sure this is a Dustin Hoffman classic but it might be fun.
Time: 4:30, 7, 10PM
Venue: Dana Auditorium

VACA Mini Gallery

Some of the best art on campus comes from the folks that painted the Carr Hall and Gamut Room murals. Plus, you just want to go to an art opening as if you lived in SoHo or something.
Time: 7-9PM
Venue: Basement of Adirondack House (Career Services)

24 Hour Party / Prayz Party

s, you heard right. 24 hour party put on by Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Christians and nonchristians can stop (preferably not drunk) by Mead Chapel for a good time and good company.
Time: 9PM
Venue: Mead Chapel

Pete and J Band Benefit Concert

Benefitting MAlt Mexico, a suggested $5 donation should get you into to see this twosome that played here earlier this year in the Grille.
Time: 10PM-1AM
Venue: Coltrane Lounge

Larson Plays Tavern
Time: 10PM-3AM
Venue: Tavern

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