Saturday, January 27, 2007

Digital Bridges 2.0 Conference

Digital Bridges 2.0 Conference in BiHall is still going on strong into the afternoon. While there aren't a particularly large amount of students, the non-students are interesting bunch; there are plenty of cool people to rub shoulders with including recent alums in tech jobs as well as a Google manager. The topic of the day: Generation Millenial (that's our generation, in case you were wondering).

The morning's presentations weren't anything new if you were under the age of 25. Students reviewed what Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Youtube, Second Life, et cetera mean for our generation. Any student here that follows online trends (web 2.0) knows pretty much everything presented so far. A lot of the students (minus perhaps Suvi Neukam '07.5), though well prepared in research and PowerPoint slides, did not seem particularly connected to the presentations they were giving. Questions defaulted to the researched answers instead of personal experiences. I think talking to a Millenial (or any of the students) would have been far more interesting for conference attendees than hearing them give presentations.

The conference also marked the launch of the Digital Bridges 2.0 Website ( While simple and clean, the website is a excellent jumping off point for the club. With the help of EchoDitto, the website integrates a social network for students and alumni with a blogging platform and club website. The website really could be the start of a strong entrepreneurial movement by connecting current students with the right alumni. This is like the good version of MOJO -- the CSO office's job/internship search beheamoth.

Congrats to the Digital Bridges students for their work so far today. Catch the last two panels:

3:30PM The Millenial Market
5:15PM Millenials Moving Forward

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Thanks for the nice DB site review, R... Feel free to log in and do some cross-posting if you get the chance, and I hope you'll let us know how to make the site better

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