Wednesday, January 10, 2007

'07 Scores Bill Clinton for Graduation

So, in case your missed it in The Campus, there has been "BREAKING NEWS!" Yes, that's "BREAKING NEWS." When has Middlebury ever had breaking news? This must be big...

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton will deliver the commencement address for the class of 2007. That's right kids, whether you love him or hate 'em, he'll be up on the podium come May. Apparenly, a Midd Board Member was the connection that secured Big Bill's commitment but then again, there's always the question of whether we are paying him. If so, how much. Bill once got a $200,000 honorarium, and several $100,000 appearences. Well, that's just for reference. It doesn't matter if we pay him or not pay him, the class of '07 scored huge on this one. To have that high profile of a speaker is what many students have been demanding for years. Numerous opinions came out in last year Campus demanding that Liebowitz make it happen for speakers. Well, it's happening.

(the Middlebury College website press release)


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