Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Course Evaluations

So you think you're pretty slick for trashing that teacher in your evaluation. But think again, evaluations do matter!

When non-tenured professors go up for tenure, evaluations of that teacher play a role. In addition to publishing volumes and in-class observations, evaluations get reviewed by the admin committee that recommends tenure. If a teacher gets trashed a few too many times, it matters. While your single evaluation may not have an effect, the group sentiment does.

But what about tenured professors? They aren't going to be fired... Well, no, you can write what you want about them BUT a portion of their pay in annual salary is based on the evaluations. You are helping to determine how much they get paid.

You have the power. Now use it and spend an extra five minutes on those evaluations (unless, of course, you're just fighting the man=admin...)!

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