Monday, December 11, 2006

Book Buyback

College Bookstore Book Buyback starts on Wednesday from 9-2PM. It continues through the rest of the week.

The most you can get selling a book back to the school is 50% back of what you paid. Most of the time, you'll get a lot less. It all depends on: 1) the use of the book the next semester, 2) the national demand for the book, 4) if it's the latest edition or not, and 3) whether the book can be used for a different class.

Book buyback is very lucrative for the school because they essentially buy low and sell high. There are a few other options to get a better deal than what the school is offering. 1) make a direct exchange with another student/friend, 2) post a flyer come February of the books you have to sell, 3) sell books online. All three options require a bit more work than just handing the books over to the school but you will get more money than what the school has to offer.

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