Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Organic Garden

Sure, we've all heard about the Organic Garden but how many students have actually been out there? I took a trip last week and learned a few interesting facts:

  • The organic garden runs like a business buying compost material from the college's dining services and selling produce back to Atwater dining.
  • The garden sells to restaurants (like Flatbread) as well as dining services to the tune of approximately $4000 annually.
  • Volunteers keep the garden going during the school year and a special internship fund pays a few interns to work the garden during the summer.
  • The garden plot sits on top of a mound specifically because of the rich, loamy soils not found in the surrounding clay-heavy land. A student did a GIS survey of the area in order to determine the best placement of the garden.
  • Most of the garden's produce ends up in Atwater dining. Why Atwater? Ian Martin, the chef at Atwater, is the most accomodating to last-minute changes in the amount of produce provided.
  • The popular organic garden crops are: golden beets, tomatoes, and lettuce.
  • The college's composting area is located just beyond the golf course (yes, we have a golf course in addition to our ski hill).

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