Wednesday, November 01, 2006

MiddShift - A Viral Campaign in Progress

Hallie Gammon ('10) tipped us off that the Sunday Night Group (SNG) has launched a large-scale viral marketing campaign around the tagline: "MiddShift." Sightings of the chalking/dry-erase-markering can be seen in a variety of locations from the blackboards in BiHall to whiteboards in a few dorms. No one is quite sure what MiddShift means or what the campaign signifies (SNG won't be telling for a few weeks) but alas, isn't that all just part of good viral campaigns? Okay, okay, so it's not quite as good as last year's "Everything Glowed" which really stirred the pot. That prompted the classic comic with the line: "Everything Glowed, No One Understood."

Any other ideas of what is going on here?

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