Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Middlebury on YouTube

So following up on the last video, I decieded to see what's out there in the online video world about Middlebury College and Middlebury, VT. Here's the list:

Thong College Party Posing Middlebury (Part 1)

Thong College Party Posing Middlebury (Part 2)
You'd think we'd have more videos like this. Most colleges do. But alas, Middlebury, O Middlebury has but one real party video, and this is it. The 802 Online Vermont Blog by Cathy Resmer says, "Watch if you dare."

Looking Both Ways
A much more tame film by Paxon Woebler has some nice shots of the Middlebury campus and...an airplane.

May Boeve - Brower Youth Awards 2006

This video is about Road to Detroit, the biodiesel bus campaign that was in the headlines awhile back. Yay May!

Bullet in the Barrel
An experimental film produced at Midd is fun but slightly odd.

Prayer of the Children

We've got a little Mead Chapel action here as Stuck in the Middle (SIM) performs for Parent's Weekend, this past October.

Sunday in the Park with Kat

This video shows the highlights of the town of Middlebury! Take a tour, your prospies!

More in a later post. Stay tuned!

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