Saturday, November 04, 2006

College Blogs Network

MiddBlog is now part of the College Blogs Network! Along with our inspiration, Wesleying, we are one of two school-activity blogs listed. The College Blogs Network is decribed as:

...a place where we pride ourselves on being the first of our kind with quite an ambitious goal - a selective blog network for college bloggers. Student lives on campuses across the world will be documented right here, reachable within a few clicks. Read what’s really going on at your college or at the colleges you’re applying to - not what’s in the brochures.
There are definitely some talented individual bloggers representing their respective schools from Columbia to Shrewsbury in the UK. My personal blog has been listed since August, and I have been an administrator for since October of this year. My partner, Kelly at UPenn, created the site to bring together the "real" student voices instead of the tacky college marketing material like our very own "My Midd Experience" on the Middlebury homepage.

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