Sunday, October 29, 2006

Commons Housing Feedback

With the latest SGA survey on Common Housing gone 'round, there has been increasing chatter on what may happen with housing. Students are sounding off in favor and in opposition to the possible implementation of "open draw" or even "allocated spots." Some choice quotes from students over on SGA Blog:

It would be idiotic to destroy the commons now after the countless hours of planning and innumerable resources that have been dedicated to making them succeed. I think people need to be less self-centered and look toward the future of middlebury.
Others feel they need a change of pace:
I think most people came to a school this size to have the diversity of 2000 other students, and the commons system sometimes undermines this by making it feel like a school of 400 or so. Opening up housing would not only eliminate the monotony of living in the same building all four years (i.e. Ross), but allow for diversity of friendships throughout our lives here.
Or the real world argument:
Although the residential bonding is a legitimate form of friendship acquisition, reliance on housing to maintain friendships is a dangerous social tendency. The big bad world after college graduation does not always provide the accessory of friendships through housing, and I feel as though I have been encouraged through my years here to meet new people outside my Commons to fully acquaint myself with the Middlebury student body.
What do you think? Hit up the comments here or over on SGA Blog.

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