Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Where to Trick or Treat Tonight

Us Middkids really want to go trick-or-treating. Some of us just want candy. Some of us just want to scare people. Here are the options for tonight's festivities:

  • Battell: you won't get any candy but scaring the living nightlights out of freshmen would be enjoyable, ya? If you live here, be prepared to do battle with drunk upperclassmen.
  • Weybridge: the haunted house theme has potential. Show up and see if you can scare up some candy to take home.
  • Middlebury: you probably don't want to go knocking on professors' doors but if you tread lightly, you can probably charm your way into a few mini-snickers. Whatever you do, don't scare little kids. Not cool.
  • Bristol: this has potential but you need a car and a bunch of friends and less homework.
  • Rutland: if you're here, you're visiting the Addison county jail.
  • Burlington: woah, you're hardcore, door to door.
Happy Halloween!

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