Saturday, October 14, 2006

In the Beginning

We attempt to provide students of Middlebury College with a place to keep up to date with various happenings on campus from Chief Justice Roberts' visit to the college to the latest temperature drop. MiddBlog balances the ability for all to submit announcements for the school community and editorial content on the best of what's going down on campus. The site also attempts to allow students to sound off on important issues as they happen instead of waiting on the school newspaper (weekly) or personal gossip circles.


MiddBlog grew out of the lack of a centralized place for publicizing events and keeping up to date with the multitude of events happening on campus. With 150+ student organizations, the commons admin, the deans, and professors all trying to flood the email inbox, MiddBlog attempted to draw some of the madness away from the inbox and into a more organized format online. The site was inspired by a student project called Wesleying at Wesleyan University.

How it Works
There are two portions of the website: MiddBlog and MiddAnnounce

MiddBlog: This features editorial content of the site. There are a smattering of editors that are free to post their thoughts on whatever catches their eye. Editors are chosen for their keen insight to the non-mainstream at Middlebury and, of course, their writing abilities. Anyone in the school community, however, is free to email in a tip. Essentially, a tip is a recommendation to check something out. Sometimes, a tip may go directly up on to the site if it is something unique. Other times, editors may choose to find out more before posting a review or recommendaton. Still other times, a tip may unfortunately be passed up.

: This allows the school community to publicize what they want in one place. Essentially, anyone is allowed to submit an announcement via email which will be put up on the website after approval. The approval process is to weed out announcements with inappropriate language, references, or inaccuracies including any personal attacks, slandrous remarks, or inside jokes. Announcements may be edited slightly for clarity.

MiddBlog nor MiddAnnounce is in any way associate or representative of Middlebury College or its website

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