Sunday, October 22, 2006

DKE House

So what exactly is the deal with DKE house? It sits pretty between the Health Center and the massive construction site we will grow to call Starr-Axinn. The former frat (back before we made the switch to much more soothing "social houses") holds one party a year and it was last night. The college rents the place because it actually doesn't own the house (I know, astonishing! Way to stick it to the man). Nothing is going on in it, this year, because, alas, there is earth-shattering construction going on during the day. Normally, the place houses Health Professions and Student Fellowship and Scholarship, both of which have been moved to Carr Hall (confusing anyone who is applying for grants). Digital Bridges 2.0 (a very odd club that no one can really figure out what they do -- something along the lines of online entrepreneurship via alumni contacts?) also uses DKE and recently had a meeting there.

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